Why do people snore?

Snoring is a problem that several people relate to. But not many give serious attention to it. In some cases it is a temporary problem while some suffer from chronic snoring. The family, especially the partner of the person that snores would have a hard time falling asleep if the snores are very loud. Understanding the possible causes behind snoring would help you understand whether it is a serious problem to be looked at or if it is just a minor issue that would get resolved.

When a person snores, the tissues in the throat and the nose vibrate and this is the cause of the sound. And this might often happen when the airway is narrowed or blocked due to some reason. Sometimes even the wrong sleeping posture can lead to snoring. Almost everyone snore during their sleep some day or the other. But snoring every day is the actual problem we are talking about.

What causes snoring?

In a normal situation, when the airway is clear breathing is silent. But have you noticed that after you do a strenuous activity, say climb a set of stairs or jog, your breathing gets a bit loud. It is because the breathing rate is faster. Snoring, too is a similar version of loud breathing. Due to any reason if the throat narrows during the sleep then even the normal rate of breathing might sound a bit loud and this would be heard as a snore.
Are you having snoring problems? Check whether you could relate to any of the following causes: